Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

To ensure that you complete your visits to all main and sub-sites owned by TERRA POWER AUTOMOTIVE AND ENERGY IMPORT EXPORT INC in the safest and most comfortable way possible, the principles followed when collecting and using your personal information are listed below.

Cookie Policy

Like many websites, this Site (the term "Site" refers to this website and the sites of business partners) uses cookies for various purposes. Cookies are small text files sent by an internet site to the user's computer or mobile phone browser.

For What Purposes and How Are Cookies Used?

The aim on this Site and the sites of business partners is to provide users with personalized content and advertising tailored to their interests and needs. The purpose of this is to prevent unnecessary advertising display that will not interest the user and to improve the Site experience. Cookies help us identify you, allowing us to make the Site more useful and beneficial for you with content and ads we believe will be of interest to you.

  • Cookies may be used to display ads that may interest you when you enter the Site, and to determine if you are interested in that ad or if you have visited the site of the relevant product or service after seeing the ad.
  • Cookies may be used to create statistics such as the number of users who visit the Site, user types, visit frequency, user behavior and habits, and which countries users visit the site from.
  • Third-party cookies (e.g. cookies used to access ads belonging to these individuals on the Site) may also be used to more accurately determine user preferences on the Site. Data collected through these cookies may also be used to place ads or content for users on other visited sites.
  • Cookie usage for the purposes described above may also be performed on this Site and the sites belonging to business partners. In such a case, the aim is to provide users with content and ads tailored to their specific interests.
  • Information about sites visited by users outside of these sites may also be processed through cookies used on this Site or other sites by the Site or business partners.

What Information is Collected and Processed Through Cookies?

Information such as the site from which the user arrived at the Site, the site visited after the Site, the geographic location of users, reactions to advertising banners on the site, personal information voluntarily provided by the user to the Site and our partners' sites, preferences made on the Site, and actions related to Site and our partners' pages on social media sites can be collected and processed. Your membership information provided to the Site and our partners' sites can be collected and processed by the Site or our partners for the purposes specified here. Data can be collected and processed through certain applications (apps) on social media sites, and you can be informed about which of your data will be processed within the scope of the permission you give for the application. It is possible to prevent the processing of your personal data, within the scope you have determined, by not giving permission to the relevant application.

Preventing the Use of Cookies:

It is possible to block cookies through your browser, but if you do so, you may not be able to use some features on the Site. It is recommended that you check your browser settings to see if your browser allows you to manage cookies.

Sharing Data Collected Through Cookies with Third Parties:

Behavioral and personal data collected through cookies may be shared with business partners and third parties for the purposes specified in this policy. Links to sites and content managed by third parties may be provided on the Site or access may be provided. Site has no control or intervention authority over third-party content. "Plugins" belonging to third parties can be used for platforms on the Site. The information collected during user visits to the Site can be used by the mentioned third-party platforms. If users visit the Site while logged into their accounts on these platforms, the information collected by the Site and third parties can be associated with their accounts.

User data collected for the purposes mentioned here may be combined with data from various customer satisfaction-focused marketing programs owned by the Site or our partners, of which the user is also a member. The aim is to provide personalized services to users within this application and other marketing programs of which they are members by getting to know their needs more closely. The combined data can be processed in accordance with the purposes and methods specified here and in the membership agreement of the relevant marketing program.

Personal data processed by the Site or third parties under this policy may be shared with third parties from whom services are obtained for the processing of this data, only for the purpose of obtaining these services. Third parties from whom services are obtained may store this data domestically or abroad and may transfer data between domestically or abroad stored data.

Compliance with Legal Regulations

The site and its partners act in compliance with the law and for no purpose other than what is stated here. Your data will be protected by high-security measures, and your credit card and payment information will not be collected under any circumstances. This policy is revised and made compliant with the shape and scope determined by the law in response to legal developments.

Rights of Individuals Whose Personal Data Is Processed

Under this policy, individuals whose personal data is processed have the right to know whether their personal data is being processed, the purpose of the processing, and whether it is being used for its intended purpose; who the third parties are to whom the data is transferred, whether data is corrected if it is incomplete or incorrect; to request deletion or destruction of personal data within the framework of the conditions stipulated by relevant legislation, subject to the condition that correction/deletion/destruction is not impossible or requires disproportionate effort; to object to an unfavorable outcome for the individual resulting from the analysis of the processed data solely by automatic systems; and to demand compensation in case of damages due to the processing of their data in violation of relevant legislation.

The user's visit to this site implies consent to the use of cookies and the processing of their personal data under this policy.